Return Man – Field General

Return Man - Field GeneralField General is a U.S Pro Football videogame that can be played by either 1 or 2 players. The game is totally keyboard controlled, each contestant is required to name their respective teams and may either direct every element involved in the game or alternatively opt for teams to compete against each other automatically.

This isn’t a management game in any way as there are no drafts, financial juggling or anything like that. The key of this game is based on the fact that all teams start off on an equal page, winning depends on the contestant’s ability to call most plays which ultimately determines who’s victorious.

Field General is the 1st ever video game of its kind which offers users an engaging, challenging and skill based platform with realistic graphics. The main goal in creating this game was to make the commands accessible, easy to learn and classic. Players have virtual advisors who help them in making all the hard decisions involved in the game. In this game, you’ll have to be alert all the time so as to counter the opponents moves. All the rules, charts, and die-rolls are specially formulated to determine the actions of each contestant.

To win, orchestrate an invasive attack against your opponents through specific game-set missions, images come alive in striking 3D environments which have highly-detailed terrain as well as dynamic optical effects. With the help of each player’s unique skills, your goal shall be to outwit enemies at every possible turn. There are various teams to choose from including the Oregon hawks, Dallas cowboys, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders and much more. All of these teams have their own pros and cons, therefore it’s advisable to do some proper research before settling on the one that best suits your interests. Field General is an interesting game that you’ll never fall tired of playing, the graphics are also good and one will always feel like they are in a real-life football field.

Game play typically consists of several series of downs and short duration plays, otherwise the ball is declared ‘dead’ when not in the field. They can be plays from different scrimmage moves such as pass, runs, punts and even goal attempts. Substitutions may as well be made between these downs, hence allowing for much greater deals on specialization since coaches can select the players who best fit each particular situation. During the game, each team is supposed to have at least 11 players on pitch, with each one of having specific tasks that are assigned to them. The objective is always to score more goals than your competitor within the allotted timeframe.