Return Man – Linebacker 2

Return Man - Linebacker 2Linebacker 2 is a free online Arcade football game from ESPN Arcade games. It is defensive minded game with five trophy levels. The game has a rating system in order to handle the beginners and professional players differently. The game rate options include “Hard”, “Medium”, or “Easy”. Once you select the rate option, then you have to score high and beat the highest points to get a trophy at that level. On the game’s top right page, you can find the breakdown of scores to beat in order to win a particular trophy. As a beginner you can start with the easy game and progress as the skills improve. After you finish each Linebacker 2 game, you are required to press the “Submit” or “Quit” button for your trophies and scores to be recorded.

Because it is a defensive-minded game, you have to dig in and try to stop the ESPN Linebacker 2 running back. You are giving your team a defensive edge by controlling the linebacker in an effort to challenge your opponent’s running back. The opponent’s running back has plenty of linesmen before him and only you can find your way through in order to stop him. You can assist your team very much by getting the ball back using tricks of the trade. To find your way through to the tackle, you have to move diagonally, down, right, up, and left to circle the blockers. You need to knock the runner down by diving when you reach him. As you progress through different levels, you will be given access to new skills in order to cope with the increasing number of blockers. You always need to make sure you tackle the running back before he reaches the end zone.

To control the Linebacker 2 you can use either keys or arrows. The following are the common keys used though the keys controls can be changed in the settings screen: key I – used to move forward, Key J – used to move left, key K –used to move backward, key L – used to move right, Space bar key – used to dive tackle, keys A, S, and D are used to make special moves. Remember that, each single special move is usable only one per defensive stand.

The following are the main objectives in the Linebacker 2 game: tackling the running back primarily before he reaches to the end zone, going through blockers using special moves or avoiding them entirely, running over speed bursts in order to gather bonus points, and finally running over cleats pick up for more points while avoiding slipping on ice and snow.