Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl

Hey you, yes you the one who is tired of all traditional game series, here is awesome modification just for you, it is called: Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl. Like in other levels here Return Man 2 - Mud Bowlyour mission is to catch the ball and bring it to the opposite side. I hope I don’t have to explain simple strategies such as avoid enemy attacks, stay behind you team mates and let them clear the way for you, etc. As soon as you will make sure that path is clear run as fast as you can and it is pretty much all what you have to do in order to succeed in the game.

Few words about controls of the game:

I button – forward;
J button – go left;
L button – go on right;
K button – go backward.

You may also use arrow keys.

One more thing, this game has AMAZING feature which allows you to save progress of the game, so from now on you won’t lose levels.

That is pretty much all what I wanted to say about Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl, you can also check YouTube video above to see how pro gamers play, gl hf.