Return Man 2 – ZOMBIES

Ah here we are, my favorite remake of traditional game – Return Man 2: ZOMBIES, with scary zombie opponents wearing football forms, they will do anything to stop you from reaching other side of football field. Return Man 2 - ZOMBIESAs always first levels of the game are very easy and simple to finish, things get little bit harder from stage five and above, unlike other remakes in this version of the game you are all alone and no one will protect you, so be careful and watch where you are going.

Along the map you will find different power-ups, use them wisely in order to succeed in the game, they are very helpful when you know how to use them.

Controls of the game are extremely simple as always, use arrow keys to move your character and to dodge enemy’s attacks.

What else to say? Well your opponents move differently now (zombish movement) and it is pretty hard sometimes to understand where they are heading and it may confuse you so be careful!

Game is pretty funny to play and entertaining as well, if you need more tips check video above.