Return Man 2

The ESPN Arcade brings you Return Man 2, the sequel to the wildly popular kickoff return based flash game. The simple concept of the game is what makes it so addicting. Rather than an all encompassing football simulator, ESPN has whittled this game down to what any fan will agree is always one of the most exciting moments in any match, the return. The player takes the position of a returner as he attempts Return Man 2to catch the football after the opposing teams kickoff. The returner then makes a beeline for the end zone, dodging defenders en route to scoring a touchdown. Though the game is easy enough at first, a variety of weather and field conditions help the game to remain challenging. A myriad of power ups, special abilities, new skills, and unlockables ensure that the action never stagnates. However, this version of the game has been sensationally more popular than its predecessor, and it’s easy to spot why. The game has undergone a serious face lift. The most obvious difference is the graphics, which have been noticeably upgraded. The second installment in the series of games also has two modifications, a Mud Bowl version and a Zombies version. In the Mud Bowl, players must be careful not to get stuck running through muddy terrain. In Zombies, the defending players have been substituted with Zombies! For gamers that enjoyed the first Return Man and newcomers to the series alike, Return Man 2 is an excellent little flash game that provides a fun way to pass the time.