Return Man 3

Return Man 3 is a simple flash sports game made by ESPN. The game is a simple football game, that rather than focusing on the whole match, making teams, and calling plays, instead centers around the titular return man trying to make a touchdown. It’s a straight-forward and fast paced game using just the keyboard.
Gameplay: The game begins with your character, and three others on your team facing off against the opposing team. Using the I, J, K, and L keys to move, and the A, S, and D keys to activate special moves, your character has to pick up the ball and get it to the touchdown area. Your other team-mates try to block the opposing team and help you make a touchdown.Return Man 3
Features: The game, in spite of its simplicity, adds in some extra features to stop the game from getting stale too quickly. There are speed boosts scattered throughout the field, helping you get to the other end and avoid being tackled. You can also earn and equip special moves to help you out in a game, like dodging the opposition. These skills can only be used once per game, so they don’t act as instant-win options. They can be purchased within game currency. The environment of the playing field also changes throughout the game; it can snow on the pitch, making the payer skid, and thereby hindering your movement making it more difficult to score a touchdown.
Conclusion: Return Man 3 is a simple game with simple controls, but does not get stale too quickly. It’s fast-paced nature makes it quick for casual play, but it’s high stakes means you have to try very hard to not fail and start from the first play all over again.