Return Man

Looking for a Facebook game that doesn’t involve monotonous tasks like raising a farm? Does a little football action sound like something that might spice up the social media experience? Return Man 1 might be just what you’re looking for. Regardless of one’s football knowledge, almost any viewer can appreciate those incredible moments when a kick returner receives a ball and sprints like a man possessed towards the opposite end of the field. ESPN has taken that experience and turned it into a fun and easy to play Facebook game. The simple and straightforward game play makes it a Return Mansurefire hit for everyone to enjoy. All the player has to do is catch a football and score a touchdown. The moderate difficulty level ensures that the game is just challenging enough to remain addicting. A vast array of power ups and special abilities are available as the player levels up. Illustrations provided by ESPN personalities Trey Wingo and Herm Edwards as well as the bundled ability to listen to the ESPN radio broadcast while playing are nice additions as well. Blitz mode offers the opportunity to compare your own scores against the scores of Facebook friends. The game makes it easy to be competitive without forking over any Facebook credits either, which is a welcome relief from many games on the platform. Whether a die hard Football fan or a bored socialite who could care less about the sport, this game is sure to provide an enjoyable experience.